Helping a Loved One Who Needs Memory Care

You may not consider yourself a caregiver for your aging parent or relative. However, if you help them with things like grocery shopping, cooking, finances, cleaning, grooming, or eating, then you are considered a caregiver. If you aren’t paid for these services, then you’re in informal caregiver. This type of service can take its toll. At some point, you will need to evaluate the possibility of moving your loved on into a facility that specializes in memory care in Provo. In the meantime, you’ll need to monitor your stress levels carefully.

Your Stress

Stress can manifest itself in many different ways. Because caring for an aging parent is a new situation, the stress can show up in ways you weren’t expecting. For example, perhaps you normally get headaches when you are stressed, but lately you’ve been snapping at strangers and blowing up at coworkers. Anger is a sign of stress. It can be frustrating to try to get your parent to accept help. Alzheimer’s patients often become angry and say mean things that they wouldn’t normally say. This can hurt the caregiver’s feelings and cause them to lash out at others.

Stress can also manifest itself as guilt. One of the hardest decisions an adult-child has to make is to take away the driving privileges of their parents. This can cause strife between the parent and child as well as between siblings who may not see eye-to-eye on the issue.

Other signs of stress are loneliness, a feeling of isolation, and constant exhaustion. Women are more inclined to suffer from caregiver stress.

Getting Help

There are several in-home caregiving companies that will accommodate your schedule. If you need to go to work, the store, or just want a night off, you can hire a nurse or specialist to be with your loved one while you are away. This can give you some much-needed time to recharge your batteries and take care of the other parts of your life.

You can also ask family members to take shifts. Each person should be informed of the schedule and preferences of the patient. Having regular family meetings, even if they are over the phone, can make it easier to make hard decisions.

Assisted Living

One of the ideal situations for someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s is to find an assisted living center that specializes in memory care in Provo. These facilities will have nurses, doctors, and staff who are trained to work with patients who suffer memory loss. They understand the importance of routine, cleanliness, and proper nutrition.

Another benefit is that the employees at these centers aren’t as emotionally tied up in things as a loved one can be. They understand that the cruel words come from the dementia and not from the heart while a family member can be crushed to hear their loved one say such things. This understanding makes it possible for employees to provide the highest level of care in a nurturing environment.   

Learning More about Olympic Sports

With the 2014 Winter Olympics still on the minds of many people, certain sports are sure to see an uptick in both interest and activity. Many of the amazing athletes who competed during the Sochi games were inspired to greatness by past Olympians and many of them will doubtless inspire future Olympians. If you or your child have taken an interest in learning one of the sports featured during the Olympic Games, it may be time to get started. For information about a great place to learn various ice sports, visit our website.


The Draw of Figure Skating

Perhaps the most highly anticipated and widely watched of all the Winter Olympic sports is figure skating. This amazing art form has captured the imaginations of little girls all over the world. The music, the glittering costumes, and the trumpeted pageantry of this sport make it especially attractive to little princesses. If you or a little girl in your life has ever uttered the wish to glide around an ice rink in pink sparkly spandex, you may be surprised to find it more affordable than you think. 

When you or your child begin the adventure into ice skating, a good rule of thumb is to go with a group class. Classes like these are usually divided into appropriate age groups and offer an opportunity to experience skating and decide whether it is right for you before you sink very much money into it. If you or your child decides skating is fun and something worth pursuing, many rinks offer progressive programs that culminate in joining a competitive skating team. This is an amazing opportunity that allows participants to travel the world while doing what they love. 


The Patriotism of Ice Hockey

While figure skating is certainly one of the most popular winter sports, no one can deny the magnetism of ice hockey. While many of the young men and women interested in or currently playing ice hockey were not around to witness the 1980 Miracle on Ice, there are very few people unfamiliar with or untouched by the story. Besides being the best sports moment of the 20th century, this game between the Soviet Union and the United States has inspired hockey players and non-hockey players alike. If you or your children have dreams of ice hockey victory, look no further than your local ice rink for lessons and competitive teams. 

Just as with figure skating, the best place to start learning hockey is with group lessons. Most of the time, the first step is just learning how to skate. As the lessons get progressively harder, you will have a chance to see whether hockey is worth the investment it will eventually turn into. 

For more information about ice sports, visit our website today!

What You Need to Know about Golf Memberships

Do you love golfing? Like many people who do love golfing, you probably consider yourself a more casual player. However, many people also reach a point where they want to step up their game and become more serious, but they just don’t know how. One way you can become more serious about your golfing game is to join a golf membership. You may know a little about Las Vegas golf memberships, but this article will explain everything else that you will want to know. After you have this information, you will be able to decide whether a membership will be good for you or not.

Types of Membership

First, you will want to know that there are a few different kinds of golf memberships that will pertain to you. There are two main types of golf memberships that you need to know about: private and semi-private. Each membership and each club has its own type of comfort level and a certain feel to it that the other can’t bring. What you decide will be determine mostly by your personal preference, but it can also be decided by what you want to spend to be a part of the membership.

Private Memberships

Private golf memberships offer a wide range and variety of different perks for the members. One of the main perks is the fact that the course and other amenities such as the pool, bar, and lounge are only accessible by members. They are not open to the public. Private golf clubs typically offer a stronger community of golfers and often hold many social events where you can meet other club members. Of course, with private memberships, you will likely be paying more to actually be a part of the club. The exclusivity doesn’t typically come cheap.

Semi-Private Memberships

Semi-private golf memberships also offer a wide range and variety of different perks for the members. Of course, the main difference between a private membership and a semi-private membership is the fact that the public can access most of the different amenities offered to semi-private members. You won’t pay as much for a semi-private membership, but you can still get a lot of benefits from having one. Typically, you will get the benefits of having a social community that loves golf as much as you do. However, the community doesn’t tend to be as tight-knit as they are at private Las Vegas golf memberships.